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Volume 14 • Number 1 • Spring-Summer 2022

By Invitation Only

We are proud to showcase work by students at Thunder Mountain and Yaakoosge Daakahidi high schools in Juneau, Alaska, newly back to in-person learning post-pandemic. The students turned in such living, vibrant work to their teacher, Sleet Poetry Editor Jamie Buehner, that both she and Editor Susan Solomon knew it could only be housed in Sleet's most exclusive category.

David Buck

I am from candles

Nakima Budke

Where I'm From

Joseph Cavanaugh

I Am From Juneau, Alaska

Elizabeth Djajalie

Picture: A Thousand Words for Home

Savanna Tisher

For Susie


Samir Atassi

The Guitar Never Heard
Come, Daisy

Nancy Botkin

The Fever
Time Sensitive

Jack Chielli

Walking Wil

E.J. Evans

The War
The Ship

Marsha Foss

Sin Titulo (Untitled)
"and you murmured in your tents..."

Scott Gardner

Mom's Dementia

Paul Ilechko

Sonnet From a Western State

Kathryn Kysar

Last Night at the Farm
Autumn Outside Ely

Debbie Laffin

What Happens Here

John Palen

Tikkun Olam
So Much Depends...
The Eisenhower Expressway in Winter
Grief in August

Joan Roger

Today is Enough

Dan Sicoli

radio at the end of the world

Suzanne Swanson

Osceola Avenue, Late January 2021

Matthew A. Toll

and there were no butterflies last August.
a happy shiver shimmy goosebump sound

Cody Triplett

moviescreen 6
moviescreen 5

Jay Wittenberg

The Doll Above The Stove
Hastings State Hospital
As If the Strong Hands Could Know
The Dead Possum
Lake George


Mary Casey Diana

The Night Watch

Mariana Navarrete

I am from Cancun and I Hate it

Anthony J. Mohr

Bauchet Street


Vicki Addesso

Cinnamon and Me

Scott Gardner


Mike Herndon


Jerry Kivelä

Portrait of a Gentle Man


Melanie Alberts

Psychometrist v. Arrowhead
Hillary's Pockets

Kathryn Kysar

Rolling 'Round

Mary Lewis

Hula Girl

Colette Parris

At the Block Party
At the Ballet

Holly Pelesky

The Big Screen

Edwina Shaw

On the Water


Confusion in the chaos

T. Wallace

Casinos with Clocks