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Volume 14 • Number 1 • Spring-Summer 2022

Cody Triplett

moviescreen 6

The bugs dance at different / depths of field /
consider / how many frames does it take / to
animate a character falling / out of a tree / into a
river / now the people glide past me at the train
station / heavens doors will not open for you / the
cherry blossom leaves are trampled upon / turns
out: the kind of love you will receive / will come
from a feeling of being waited on / thought about /
the knock of a bee / on the other side of the window
/ wakes you / brings you out there / forces you to
look into the pastures / rolling waves of focus.

moviescreen 5

Cherry tree creates frames / through which / a
window / through which / a set of hands peel a
carrot / pewter plane beneath / expands out
through the house / meters away from the relatives
/ the task informs a truth / breached barrier repairs
itself / the material cost is high / and cannot be
outstanding / lost limbs of the tree circle another
scene now / right half of an open sky / takes me
down the road / into the eastern wall / made out of
transparent tablets / etched / with shining lights
posted behind / blooms high around every
individual letter.

Cody received his B.A. from the University of Tennessee – Knoxville. Recently, his work has been published in Words & Whispers Literary Journal. His last self released poetry collection "Lost Dreams" released in 2019, and his next two poetry books are to be self published Spring 2022. In his free time he works on ceramics, paints, and rewatches Sopranos with his partner. He is currently freezing in Saint Paul, MN.