Volume 12 • Number 1 • Spring - Summer 2020

Sleet Magazine

The Inside Edition

Welcome to the Sleet 2020 Summer Edition, which we proudly present to you. All work was written before the world changed – pre-pandemic and before the murder of Mr. George Floyd which occurred here in Minnesota. It has always been Sleet’s editorial mission to promote love, truth and justice on every level, starting with the personal. And this edition is no exception.

It is the duty of an artist to speak up. Can we as a nation and a world find a new consciousness? This is a quote from Congressman John Lewis in the latest New York Magazine: “We will redeem the soul of America. We will create the loving community in spite of all of the things that we witness. The past few days, it made me very sad. There were times I wanted to cry, but the tears wouldn’t come.”