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Volume 12 • Number 2 • Fall-Winter 2020



Susan Kay Anderson

How They Changed

Carol Barrett

Deer Mouse

Genevieve Betts


Lucia Cherciu

Prayer for an Apricot Tree
Socially-Distanced June
My Sister and I Bought the First Books in Our House

Jessica Cohn


Henry Crawford

Cell Division

Stephanie Cummings

A McDonald's in Saint Paul, Minnesota

RC deWinter


Sarah Duncan

In a Name
Addict Calling

Pauletta Hansel

March 20, 2020
June 2, 2020
June 17, 2020

Jada Hall


Stella Hayes

Together, Alone

Kathleen Hellen

it was supposed to rain today
dispatch from the daily planet

Kimberly Justice

Crane Flies

Summer Koester


Nancy Smiler Levinson

My Better Angel

Ryan Love

the raspberries

George Moore

Bread and Wine

Mary K. O'Melveny

Mourning Our Dead

Elizabeth Shack


Mark Simpson

"In troubled times you've heard it said"
Fragments of Minneapolis Fall as Ash

Emily Strauss

Mask Dancers

Pamela Sumners

Williamson, Tennessee


Raymond Abbott


Michael Cocchiarale

A Parable for You Know Who
Miracle Worker
Bad Apples

Gerry Foote

Sewing Safety

Howie Good

Chaos Theory
Flash Bang Boom

Jada Hall

Battle Scars

Arya F. Jenkins


Blake Johnson

Grown-Up Conversations During the Day

Leela Kiyawat

American Dreamer

Tain Leonard-Peck

Seattle, When the Walls Fell, and Rose

Kate LaDew

Ten Irregulars

Alice Lowe

Pizza on Thursday, or the isness of what is

Russell Nichols


John Palen

In the Pandemic, the Animals Return

Gail Peck

At the Care Unit

Paul Rousseau

Rural South Christianity, 1882-1968

Marc J. Sheehan

Professional Wrestling Declared an Essential Service

John Greenslade Skewes

for Louisa

Emily Stout

Love Poem

Robert D. Vivian

Impossible Grief


Maggie Andersen

Greetings from 2020

Bill Hess

Goodbye, Good Buddy

Jerelle Kraus

Two and a Half Hours Alone With Nixon

Lara Haynes Freed


Marisa Mangani

Slow Burn

Michele Rappoport

Our American Suicide

Heidi Schneider


Andy Smart

No Justice, Just Peace


Arthur Diamond

Girl in Town

Yongsoo Park

Train to Evanston

Anuradha Prasad

Day Seven, Maybe

Richard Risemberg

Legacy of Ashes

Jason M. Thornberry

Air Escaping
Eyes that Catch the Light