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Volume 13 • Number 2 • Fall-Winter 2021-2022


Lucia Cherciu

The Miracle of Dusk

Christian Chase Garner

O Daughter of Babylon,
The difference between a lake and an ocean

Deborah Keenan

Crazy Powerful Bear
Winter Blues

Trevor Moffa

Myself as snow

Daniel Edward Moore

River All His Words

Yun Wang

Pandemic 2020
Adagio: Pandemic 2021


Kathryn Ganfield


Susan Petrie

I Get Up, Get Dressed, and Go Out to Look for Home

Sara Dovre Wudali

The Invitation


Astrid Egger


Ryan Love



Timothy Dalrymple and Laurence Musgrove

Half Off

Guillermo Rebollo Gil

A primer on being father to a son

Howie Good

Fathers and Sons

Elizabeth Kerlikowske

Arborscapes: A Companion
When buying a home, always ask to see The Map of Abandoned Dreams
Big at the Cup, Low at the Curb

Raphael Kosek

MSK Lobby
Sugar Bird

Steven Ostrowski

The Diva's Faith

Timothy Pilgrim

Weight of it All