Volume 13 • Number 2 • Fall-Winter 2021-2022

Steven Ostrowski

The Diva's Faith

Long-retired from the stage, she lived alone in a well-apportioned wood-and-stone house that lay half a mile from the mountains and half a mile from the ocean. After breakfast every morning, for two hours, seated at the baby grand, her body bathed in the living room’s big-windowed natural light, she played and sang with everything she had.

She’d come to believe in God late in life. She’d always felt she performed better when someone important was listening.

Steven Ostrowski is a widely-published fiction writer, poet, songwriter and painter. He’s the author of five chapbooks. He and his son Ben are coauthors of a collaborative book of poems called Penultimate Human Constellation (Tolsun Books). His first novel, The Highway of Spirit and Bone, is forthcoming from LeFora Books. Steven teaches at Central Connecticut State University.