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Eun-Mi Yang

Rainy Spell

Behind the secret alley of Gwanghwa-Mun,
heavy rains pouring,
there was a 1960-style underground teahouse –
with wild berries lipstick, a short mistress sending her
analogue smile in a pure blue-striped long skirt made in
Vietnam. Around the corner, elites of this era, hot in
a conspiracy against something, maybe deciding
who will be sent to jail for bribery, who’ll be saved;
their words are safe in here.
The connection between the National Geographic
and thick jujube tea in my both hands –
might it be a hidden topic among those elites?

On my way home, I stopped by Provence
to be mesmerized
by herbs.

Eun-Mi Yang is a poet, a translator, and a book reviewer in South Korea. She graduated MSc in Creative Writing (with distinction) from the University of Edinburgh, where she won the Grierson Verse Prize. She shifted her career from the business field into the literary one in 2004, and has been to more than 50 cities in 18 countries. She has also lived in the UK, Australia, NZ. Her poems have appeared in many literary magazines and anthologies in Korea including Hyundai Poetry Literature and Third Literature.

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