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Small Shoulders

like the side
of the road

it is dark
driving recklessly

her smooth skin
gives way
to the length of grip

to the strength
in her fingertip

"Small Shoulders" is newly published in Hinge (Broadcraft Press 2015.)


Quiet temples
smooth and white,
given to standing
upright one day
a year. We carry
them in careful cartons
only to take home,
bash on the counter,
sink, stove, split
open and pour their gold
into bowls and pans
sizzling, mixing
furiously. Or lowering whole
into boiling water
to crack later,
peel the skin,
devour flesh and heart

these small almost beings.

Liza Docken studied creative writing at St. Olaf, The Loft, and Hamline University. Writing has brought her to Ireland, Hong Kong, Cuba, and beyond. Her first book, Hinge (Broadcraft Press) was released in March (2015). Her love of birds knows no bounds, her current involvement with a Barred Owl is that of legend. She lives in Minneapolis, MN.

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