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Sleet seeks the unexpected. Make us laugh, cry, think. Our crew possesses a wide variety of tastes and styles, from classic to center to edge, but it is craft and passion that drive us.


Sleet is now accepting submissions of Creative Non-Fiction only.


We will be accepting submissions in poetry, short fiction and other categories at the end of summer. Please check back for the exact dates.


Our Submission Policies

We will accept up to 3 flash, 1 short story or work of CNF, or a small handful of irregulars*.

Simultaneous Submissions and Previously Published Works

In our current time, with media screaming from all directions, it is more difficult than ever to be heard. Sleet, wholeheartedly and without reservation, encourages simultaneous submissions. If a piece appears with us first, we do ask that Sleet be credited as its primary place of publication. In addition, we will consider showing previously published work as long as it is identified as such. Sleet sees no reason to restrict a work’s appearance in coexisting venues; great writing welcomed here.

* I R R E G U L A R S

An irregular is a genre-crossing bit of writing — something that overflows borders or maybe never had any. It could be an impression, a vignette, a 1-line flash. A general rule of thumb: If you don't know where to send it, send it here. An irregular should not stray over 500 words. It may be comprised of a single piece or a constellation of work.

Creative Non-fiction

Sleet is now accepting creative nonfiction submissions. This is a new category for us, so we will make up the rules as we go along!

Our Address:

Please send submissions to


All work is the property of the artist.

“Irregulars are invited.”


Sleet is a proud member of CLMP, and adheres to their guidelines.


current issue home  • archives  • submissions  • links  • us