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Sleet hails from the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. We love language and the written word, and we welcome both the beautiful and anti-beautiful.
Susan Solomon
susan solomon
In another life, Susan cleaned funeral homes and vacuumed around the dead. An unspoken element of respect existed within that job. The intimate invitation into people's lives is never taken lightly. Susan was a member of the 2009 Water~Stone Review editorial board. Her work has appeared in The SUN Magazine and Todd Boss' Flurry, and will appear in the upcoming edition of Simply Haiku.

The Sleet Team - your work is safe with us.
Nate Thomas
Poetry Editor
Nate Thomas
Nate Thomas prefers the Mel Gibson "Mutiny on the Bounty". A sailor in his youth (albeit his time before the mast was short), he loves language that transduces the movement of waves and leaves one feeling purposefully adrift in the cosmic ocean. He hates writing that plays hard to get (not being sure if he means that as metaphor or pun), and opts for a rough shag when rolling his own. He holds a Creative Writing BA from Metropolitan State University and his writing credits are too spare to mention. Instead, he writes his poetry on scraps of paper and stuffs the poems into his pockets. The poems in his pockets then roll up into hard little pills which he eventually throws, - wait...that was Dr. Reefy. Nate lives in St. Paul, Minnesota with his wife and three sons.
Kathleen McEathron
Fiction Editor
Kathleen McEathron lives and works in Saint Paul, Minnesota. She writes fiction when she is not shoveling snow or mowing the lawn. Her goal is to develop characters that could serve as imaginary friends in a pinch.
TJ Kampa TJ Kampa
TJ began writing to discover the hidden mysteries of his mind, heart and soul. When that didn't work, he realized it was his only chance to woo women. That worked.
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