John Newson

The Man Who Dressed Up as a Boy

His childhood was an ordinary chaos,

like blood on a carpet.

His parents used to have one of those rugs

that were designed to be imperfect;

somewhere the symmetry would break

because only God can create perfection.

He felt a lot like that rug.

His memories of that time are a scattering

of glass shards.

There was the time he climbed duffle-coated and wellingtonned

into his father’s hospital bed after the heart attack –

clearer, though, is the spectrum of a bruise, the crack

of the nearside wing mirror

as the car drunk-swerved into another,

the blustering gambit of divorce.

He grew bigger, he understood

that a blessing can also be a millstone,

he learnt to play chess,

he bought one of those rugs.

John Newson has a wide variety of interests, ranging from architecture to zoology, and a corresponding inability to focus on any single task. His writing is an attempt to achieve such focus. He lives in Wiltshire where he enjoys spending time in the countryside with his wife and two children.

John has work published with Allegro Poetry, Avatar Review, Obsessed With Pipework, The Lyric, The Moth and others.