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It Must Be Happening Everywhere

I tracked the train
through snow,
littered, foreign
and familiar,
all the same.

Passed borders
false but
still new:
the cities, foggy
modern roads,
skylines, elegant.

Three time zones
and still no story.


The Other’s Welcome

He asked me if I knew
what wanderlust
meant. I looked
at my shoes:
paper thin, too small,
said the sea has waves.


Valerie Westmark graduated from Samford University with a Bachelor's Degree in English and a concentration in creative writing. She has been published in Samford University’s Sojourn and Wide Angle, the Wilderness House Literary Review and The Wayfarer. She was also awarded the Top Literary Rating for the Fall 2010 issue of Sojourn. She lives in her hometown, Pensacola, FL. 


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