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Volume 2 Number 2 • Fall - Winter 2010-2011

Dave Malone

Editor Disappears from Upstate Farmhouse

Wind climbs through your window
and pulls you away from another fledgling
writer's manuscript of personal holocaust.
You swear the air tastes like salt.

Above battered, brown corn fields
the sun brags a tar roof, but you feel
mist against chintz curtains your grandmother
sewed for your first wedding. Your lover sails
a thousand miles away off an abandoned cape—
fisherman's sweater against sunburned skin.
He's drunk on saltwater when the whale
of a moon capsizes his ship and he swears
he won't go down this way.

Dave Malone's poems have appeared in Elder Mountain: A Journal of Ozark Studies, New Millennium Writings, Red Rock Review, and decomP, and several are forthcoming in the next issue of Kansas English. He teaches composition and film at Missouri State University–West Plains.

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