Volume 10 • Number 2 • Fall-Winter 2018-2019

Sam Love

The Ecology Symbol

Once upon an Earth Day millions
marched to Ron Cobb’s creation
melding the E for environment
and the O for organism
to create the ecology symbol

Such a simple graphic,
just a circle and slash to symbolize
care for the planet,
respect for nature,
and the nurturing of a legacy
for generations unborn

Today I didn’t see the ecology symbol
at the Climate March
But it’s co-conspirator the peace symbol
seems to be everywhere
At Wal-mart you can buy it
on underwear and day glow T shirts

The vanishing ecology symbol
with its pesky admonitions
to reduce consumption,
reuse materials, and respect nature
must be too threatening
to the dollar sign worshippers

It must be too threatening
to the comfort of North Americans
who consume 60 percent
of the Earth’s resources
just to support our obese life style

It must be too threatening
to the 80 million new mouths
birthed on the planet each year
babies who will aspire to America’s life style
Babies who will be in for a surprise

If everyone lived like Americans
we would need a planet three times
the size of Mother Earth
and the last time I looked
she’s not gaining weight

Sam Love is a New Bern, NC writer. He has published numerous nonfiction articles in magazines including Smithsonian, and Washingtonian. He has two published novels, Snap Factor, and Electric Honey. He recently published a poetry book Cogitation (Unsolicited Press). His poetry has been published in Kakalak, Slippery Elm, Voices on the Wind, The Lyricist, Flying South and other publications. His has had six environmental poems in Eno published by Duke University. His work has also been featured on Poetry in Plain Sight posters throughout North Carolina. Sam is the author of an award winning illustrated children’s book My Little Plastic Bag designed to share with children what happens to a plastic bag thrown out of a car window. There is also a Spanish edition Mi Bolsita Plastica.