Volume 15 • Number 1 • Spring-Summer 2023

Victoria Kong

The Green Triangle

Hiding behind a window-pane is
a garden kept only by wooden panes
The blinds cut them up
The curtains push them away
The desk guards the gate
My body has always wished
to marry my soul
To keep it working
Nurture it until it’s lush
No, my soul is tied to my garden
Semi-kept and mixed with sand
Wrapped in a breaking net
Next to smears of cement
Competing with the weeds
With some pots in need
of water, still trying
Bleak day in, cold night out
Overbearing summer,
hurricane, drought
It wants to be safe,
wants to spread its wings
Trying to marry my body
Beckoning spring

Victoria Kong was born in Massachusetts. She moved to Florida when she was young and currently resides there.