Danny Klecko

Under an Almost Super Moon
As usual
We shared indifference – we shared darkness
From opposite ends of a park bench
Like God damn gargoyles with nothing left to defend
Distracted by classifieds – my comic book posed the question
Do you know how to pick up chicks – I didn’t, so I was intrigued
Grandma slid over and hung over my shoulder — like some mind reading vulture
Lighting the evenings final cigarette – she offered advice
Don’t forget you’re a Polack, and not very smart
Which means you’ll have to work twice as hard
If you want to land a good woman
And then…she stared into the distance
Stared with a look a boy couldn’t be expected to understand
Until years later when someone had not kept his heart safe
Promises get broken everyday
Contracts and covenants strangle well meaning souls
So maybe my mean grandmother was a blessing
Especially when she reminded me
I’m a Polack and not very smart
But at least… I’m easy on the eyes
Because… I look just – like – her


“Under an Almost Super Moon” is from Danny Klecko’s British Hindu Bible released in 2015.

Klecko is the CEO of Saint Agnes Baking Company and this summer....he discovered Tom Waits, Cleveland and moved into a mansion.

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