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In Order to Augment a Metaphorical Pomegranate

Let’s establish flesh. Deciduous.
Iranian. Seeded apple.
Prosperity to Egypt.
Downfall to Adonis.

Origins: shrub
(some rumor sin)

Let’s establish soul. Fictitious.
Barren. Pitted mind.
Ambition to Egypt.
Death to Greece.

Future: mouth
(some rumor sin)

Let’s establish brain. Capricious.
Planted. Seeded mind.
Ambition to soul.
Death to flesh.

Evolution: prosperity
(some rumor sin)


I learned to crawl
on orange rind knees.
Decomposing knuckles.
A skeleton promptly sent
to compost. This isn’t
for the rot, not meat flung
to strays. This isn’t a draft
to the crust that sandwiches
our Cretaceous era and Jesus

in loaves of rye and dust.
It’s reconstituting dermis pulp,
like transforming failing essays
into Nobel scriptures.
Regurgitating amber bones
to feed the next metal prophet.
Recycling. With a pallid face

of weeping cantaloupe, I renew my cornea
using the knife that sliced melting smiles
into roasted gourds.

Umbilical cords begin to yelp
their blender blade lullabies.
It’s better
to be born
this way

Jenna Kelly is a junior at a small liberal arts college in Iowa. She studies neuroscience, enhancing her education with a creative writing minor. It often seems that her writing can't escape the sciences.

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