Volume 12 • Number 2 • Fall - Winter 2020

Blake Johnson

Grown-Up Conversations During the Day

We were sitting in the kitchen where I ignored the dishes and we talked about going vegetarian on weekdays. We talked about vegans and the lives they’re leading and I mused that vegans practice their religion more often than Christians which got me thinking about how every meal I get a chance to thank God for sustenance, a chance to practice gratefulness over this turkey sandwich- and yet I don’t. The practicing Atheists and Nones are better at acknowledging the things which reign supreme in their own lives. I confess to be a child of God but don’t behave like this at all. Maybe I should start a fanfic on Tumblr. And so, we went on and talked more about differences between the Midwest and the South. We had a conversation during the day, and I liked it a lot, not realizing I’d felt so starved for this kind of talk, until we sent our son back to school while we keep on working online from home.

Blake Johnson is a writer currently living in Omaha with his wife and their three-year-old son. By day he is a software specialist working from home where he is putting together his first collection of poetry, prose, and essays titled, Bench, Please."