Volume 12 • Number 2 • Fall - Winter 2020

Jada Hall


The stickiness of red
Runs down my arms
My eyes are closed
A twinge at the back of my throat.

A ripe strawberry’s juices
Flow down as I taste
The sweet and tart flesh
Savoring the moment -- close my eyes.

The lash of a whip cuts deep
Blood running down my arms
Wails clawing up my throat
Flash of white -- close my eyes.

This is why we celebrate:
Never forget,
Honor our ancestors,
Live better yet.

Jada Hall is an emerging artist in the literature world. She has dabbled in various mediums of artistic expression including singing, dancing, drawing, and painting. Her preferred medium of artistic expression, though, is poetry. She is currently working on several thematic collections. To see updates of her work, she can be found on Instagram @jadasoulstory