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Jamie Lynn Buehner


When I heard she’d suffered her third stroke I sat up searching for pictures of her but instead of her I
found, in every picture, someone with long hair, a weed smoker, black hoodie with snakes on it and black
sunglasses, someone sitting outside on a spring morning painting her dogs’ toenails, someone drinking
coffee with honey, a huge glass of milk with her steak.

In a truck stop bathroom mirror shaking her head ‘no’ for ‘fuck yes,’ I don’t know if she reinforced me or
I her, as I’m probably not supposed to.

Jamie Lynn Buehner is the author of Dessert Poems (Binge Press, 2012) and Catalpa (Red Bird Chapbooks, forthcoming 2016). Her recent work appears in pioneertown, Sleet, The Midwest Quarterly, and the Wisconsin Review. She lives in Bonn, Germany.

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