Maria A. Arana

Featured Poet


Featured Poet
4 walls cover the space
      I first recite
10 agonizing poems
from my life

      each pours out
a chorus of stones
ears reach out to catch
them before they fall

and cement them to the ceiling
      like confetti teasers
my palms sweat acid
my soul in liquid torment

my stomach somersaults
caverns of thought
and an encore
is well received


Last night
a visit from my future
whispered in my ear

Blessed me
with a kiss
and blew in Black Eye galaxy

Meteors, novas, rays
showered me elate

Psychedelic it was
until I opened my eyes
and the sun

Burned a hole
my forehead

Maria A. Arana is a teacher, writer, and poet. You can find her at

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