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Volume 2 Number 1 • Spring 2010

Fiction woman as vampire

Ryan Dilbert

You Shot Me

Lauren Markham

Ballerina Made of Mud

Dennis Vannatta

The Dream Lover

Poetry woman with raven

Steve Brightman

At the Water’s Edge

Jamie Buehner

Barn Light

Growing Up

Alice Duggan


Emmy Hunter


Jenny McDougal

Key West Conjure: a footnote

Anthony Nicaj

Bus Rides in Red Wool

Gretchen Rueth


McKenzie Lynn Sanders

The Underside of Trees

Alana Sherman

Prairie Vertigo

Michelle Tokarczyk

At the Avant Garde Film Festival

Flash woman as flash

Eric Chandler

No Thanks

Joshua Fischer


Heather McNaugher


iRreGUlars woman dressed irregularly

William L. Alton

End of the Day

Zan Bockes

The Heart Burglar


The Lyrics to the Word Song

Gerald Bosacker

Alzheimer’s Journal

Pamela Gay

Invasion of Privacy

Howie Good

Do Wa Ditty (A Love Song)

Joe Kraus

Everybody Should Have at Least One Disreputable Friend

Kelsey Loftin

On the Waves

Jim Moore

Nebraska Fragments

Suzanne Nielsen

Yosemite Sam Jr. Wins His Wings

Diane Raptosh

What Wittgenstein’s College Friend Frank Says

Art Must be Useful to the People


Brad Rose

Two Buds at Cotillion

Gretchen Rueth


Seth Steinbacher


Christopher Woods

On the Eighth Day of Potato Salad


Sleet Interview with Jim Moore